People think that ice is unyielding, but if you’re precise, if you’re focused and calm, it can give your skates wings.

- Somebody famous

My brain is made of pink fluff


- Olivia Stubbe


I was born in 1986, learnt to walk and talk, went to school and finally went on to study philosophy. I am very proud of having achieved my M.A. Doing philosophy is challenging and I thoroughly loved the seemingly endless poring over books and texts. Still, now it is time to pursue my first love: films.

I've worked at a cinema for years, assisted in several theatre productions and am generally managing away for a living. With regard to the making of films, however, this is the beginning of my learning curve. I could just fake it til I make it. But I prefer to be honest if I don't know anything. The best thing about studied philosophy is the absolute freedom to ask at any given point the following two questions of why and how - and I fully intend of keeping the habit.

I will write and direct and produce my own films as much as possible. The blog and section of "upcoming projects" will inform you what's next on the list.

I decided to update to update on my various projects and progresses via a blog. This way, you know what I'm up to if you know me but know what to expect from me if you're searching for a collaborator.