Kleiner Garten

writer/ director/ producer/ editor



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writer/ director


This film was made in 99 hours as an entry for the 99Fire-Film Awards 2018 in Berlin, Germany CREW Director: Olivia Stubbe Screenplay: Roosa Tikanoja & Olivia Stubbe Producers: Roosa Tikanoja & Olivia Stubbe, Olivegreen Films Director of Photography: Michael Krüger Gaffer: Jens Schiweck Sound Recording and Design: Roman Rehausen Editor: Gary Feuerhake Digital Colourist: Ben Packer Composer: Fabrizio Tentoni Production Assistant: Sylwia Askari Runner: Sami Kallio CAST Vicky: Bianca Kriel Team Lead: Jeff Hallman Dog: Teddy Passersby: Betty Kaplan, Elisabeth Bollman, Maxime Valy, Amaury Sorin, Saeeda Sayed, Carolina Japas, Seray Icer, Andrew David Clarke, Corinna Bergmann, Jens Schiweck, Sylwia Askari, Sami Kallio OLIVEGREEN FILMS